Professor Brian D. Taylor, FAICP

BOOKING TIME: Click on any available time below to make a book an appointment with Professor Taylor.

LOCATION: Office Hours will be held remotely until further notice.
Remote meetings can be conducted via Google Hangouts (at or telephone (at 310-903-3228). If you don’t plan to meet in person, please be sure to initiate the Hangouts session or phone call at the start of your appointment.

DURATION: Feel free to schedule as much time as you think you will need, but, out of respect for others, please avoid reserving large blocks of time unless it is absolutely necessary.

CANCEL/CHANGE APPOINTMENTS: When you book your appointment, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to both you. The email includes the date and time of your scheduled appointment, as well as a link to cancel it. Click on the link to cancel your appointment, and book another time; please don’t be a no-show.

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